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Adam Naugler is an award winning location sound mixer and post audio mixer

Adam has made his career being able to get great sound in some of the harshest environments on earth and be prepared for any situation that arises. He has worked on countless documentaries,  Network series, films and corporates all over the world. 


Adam has done sound on everything from extreme wildlife shoots for Animal planet, to a multi season travel food show for Food Network,  Multiple Entertainment shows to the highest rated reality show on Discovery channel history. 


Adam prides himself in having the experience any production can trust as well as top of the line gear to get the job done. Adam specializes in large reality shows, run and gun documentaries, and his gear is outfitted to handle any size project.


Adam's goal besides capturing great sound, is to be prepared for any situation that may arise, so there will be no “waiting on Sound”. Get the experience and equipment you need to make a professional production by having someone who is familiar with the process of what it takes to make a full season of a show.


Being an audio post guy as well, means understanding the workflow all the way through post-production, so the decisions in the field are made understanding the big picture.


Adam has worked with all major cameras and formats. Adam is outfitted with all of the necessary mounts, adaptors or cables to timecode and send a mix to any camera.


Knowing this, you can trust that Ridgeline Audio will take care of you and your production and know what's being recorded and where. No matter the project, you'll get experience and sound results.

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