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Technical Specifications for Post Audio Deliverables:




  • OMF Version 2.0 or AAF embedded

  • 48K

  • 24 bit

  • **120 frame handles minimum**

Video Delivery Specs

  • H264 Quicktime with timecode window burn and these specs:

    H264 Codec

    Frame Rate – Current

    1280×720 – High


  • There must be a one frame video and audio 2-pop appearing two seconds before the first frame of picture.


Equipment List

Mix Room A


Pro Tools HDX 12.4

Waves V9 Mercury Bundle Plug Ins

Avid C24 Console 

Mac Pro Tower w/ 16 GB RAM

42″ LCD Screen for picture playback

SPL 5.1 Surround Monitor Controller with Bass Management

Yamaha 5.1 speakers and Tannoy 2.1 Speakers 

Fully Isolated VO Booth with 32” LED Display for ADR

Sennheiser MKH 416 Shotgun Mic

Rode NT2 Condensor Microphone

Sanken Lavalier Microphones

Various Guitars, amps, pedals

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